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Who is God?’ is one of the most profound questions anyone can ask.  Instead of turning to a pastor or Christian friend, over one million people turned to the one source they felt they could trust – Google.   According to Google, ‘Who is God?’ was one of the top three sentences searched in 2007.

The Online Generation turns to Google for answers to their deepest spiritual questions.  Unfortunately, Google is a search engine – a filter, not a discerning spiritual guide. It points Seekers to thousands – and sometimes millions – of different paths ranked by popularity. And, as you know, popularity doesn’t necessarily drive people toward the Gospel.

Reaching the Online Generation is a division of CityTeam Ministries that takes what we’ve learned offline about developing rapidly multiplying communities of believers in some of the hardest places in the world and apply it to reach people in online communities.

We seek to:

  • Find existing online communities.
  • Search for people who are seeking God.
  • Start Bible studies with people in online communities and help them discover God as they read the Bible.
  • Encourage them to become obedient followers of Christ.

Your gift will help us connect people who hurting and searching for spiritual fulfillment among online communities with Jesus, the only one who can give them what they need.

Planting the Gospel in Second LifeSL Banner

Every time I log into Second Life there are anywhere from 52,000 to 78,000 people logged-in. In terms of total numbers of people online at any given time, the number may seem small. But in terms of human life, the number is huge and impossible to ignore.

We are committed to working with other Christian ministries in Second Life to plant the Gospel into communities of lost people.  Since we know that every movement of the Holy Spirit is preceeded by a movement of prayer, we’ve worked very hard to establish a Prayer Center in Second Life.  This prayer center will be a launching point for prayer walks in Second Life.  During these walks we will ask God to reveal Persons of Peace (Luke 10) who will allow us to start Discovery Bible Studies in their communities.

Your donation will help us maintain the Prayer Center and rent the digital property necessary to keep it going in Second Life.

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