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One Quick Way to Connect With The Online Generation

The number of Christians who go throughout their days without any meaningful contact with lost people always amazes me.  People get into their spheres of influence and patterns of life and forget the rest of the world.  
Now, with the internet, connect with lost people is easier than ever.  Here is one quick guide to [...]

Stop Asking People to Pray for You…

…and start praying for people!
Here is a simple guide to having a prayer ministry rather than begging for prayer all the time;

Print out a calendar. (I’ve attached a sample to this post.)
Write one name on each day of the calendar.
Every morning, look at the calendar and contact the person for that day.  You can use [...]

We Cannot Exchange Meaning For Number

Please, please, please do not use the number of friends you have on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, or other social media tools to measure the impact you and your ministry have among the Online Generation.  I suggest that the number of conversations you have is the minimum unit of impact measurement, followed closely by the number [...]

Talking with the Online Generation

Online, the medium creates a cultural expectation of interaction.  If we insist on using a broadcasting or narrowcasting strategy within a conversational medium, we will have very limited success.
Offline churches use a broadcasting strategy in their Sunday morning services.  A few, very innovative churches, cloned this approach online.  In Second Life, they bought land, built [...]

Online Ministry is About Jesus and People

I gave an improptu talk at the Internet Evangelism Conference in Grand Rapids.  The conversation was ‘Evangelism and Social Media.’  I enjoyed myself and I hope others got something useful out of the experience.
I think the hardest thing to remember at an internet ministry conference is that everything we do - all the technology and [...]

The Lightning Rod Principle

Editor’s Note:  I’m sorry for the irregularity of posting.  I’ve been traveling like crazy the last couple of months.  Writing is difficult when you are hardly in the hotel room and, when you are, you just want to get some sleep!  The end is in sight, though, and I hope to resume regular posting pretty [...]

Nobody Likes Leeches

Everywhere I go there are two groups of people most communities regard with suspicion - gypsies and squatters.  These groups traditionally take advantage of community resources without becoming contributing members of the community.  Consequently, communities reject gypsies and squatters and shove them to the outside because of their leech-like behavior.
Communities regard non-contributers with suspicion.  This [...]

Reaching the Online Generation Report

Sorry the posts have been a little scattered of late.  I just finished a year-long process of editing Scripture-only curricula designed to train church planters and leaders involved in Gospel Movements around the world.  Last week I was in San Jose to turn in my work and give a report on the things I’m doing [...]

My Greatest Frustrations

I face two roadblocks to reaching the Online Generation:

I can’t get Christians to commit to pray regularly for the Online Generation.  
I can’t get past church leaders  to talk with people in their spiritual community about reaching the Online Generation.

When I meet with leaders, they listen intently.  They encourage me.  They recognize that the Online [...]

Catalyzing a Gospel Planting Movement in Second Life

This is what I would do to start a Gospel Planting Movement in Second Life:
1.  Find Second Life Christians interested in reaching the unreached members of the Online Generation who find community in Second Life.
2.  Create a group to welcome newcomers to Second Life.  This group would NOT tout themselves as ‘Christian.’ Have these members [...]

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