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Video: Scripture MUST Be Part of Your Strategy

Posted on | May 5, 2009 | 1 Comment


Scripture Drives Strategy

Scripture makes us aware of  what God wants us to do.  God uses Scripture to point out holes and areas of need while saying, “I want you to do something about that.”  Strategy comes from asking the question, “What will it take to do what Scripture says?”  You add enough passages together and you get a long list of questions.  Answering those questions, because you want to obey Scripture, results in a list of actions that together catalyze community transformation and Kingdom expansion.

Scripture Drives Tactics

As we obey Scripture within a particular context, we define our tactics for engagement.  While strategy drives us to ask, “What will it take to meet the needs of the widows and orphans in an online environment?” an obedence-based tactical approach asks, “How can I and my organization meet the needs of widows and orphans online?”  Perhaps you might even be more specific, “How can I meet the needs of widows and orphans in the New Jersey area using online tools?”  Either way, obedience is the result.  Ultimately, consistant obedience results in community transformation.

Both Strategy and Tactics Must Point People to Scripture

If your strategy and tactics never point people to Scripture, then your process will never multiply.  You won’t be as effective as you’d like.  People on every level of your organization need to understand that their day-to-day activities are efforts of the organization to obey passages of Scripture.  They need the freedom to read a passage, meditate on it, and ask how they are going to obey that passage within the context of their job assignment, call, and responsibilities.

If you, get hit by a bus, will your organization will continue to operate, not because they are a well-oiled machine, but because their obedience to Scripture will continue even after you are gone?  Are they following your vision, or are they obeying Scripture?  Are they part of the process of figuring out how to obey Scripture within your organization, or do you cast all the vision and tell them what to do?

I am convinced that Scripture casts a big enough vision for us all.  Strategy and tactics are the result of Scripture opening our eyes to the world around us and of our obedience. If our strategies and tactics come from Scripture, and if we teach others to examine Scripture for their strategies and tactics, we will transform the people, communities, and nations we encounter – all to the glory of God.

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One Response to “Video: Scripture MUST Be Part of Your Strategy”

  1. Anglican Second Life Bible Study
    May 13th, 2009 @ 9:44 am


    Makes me think that one close equivalent of widows & orphans in contemporary US Society is: single mothers and their kids.

    Online: there are LOADS of single mothers. Online may even be the best way to engage single mothers. They can’t leave home so easily.

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