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How Do We Keep Ministry Focused On People?

I talk a lot about strategy and tactics on this blog.  I also talk a lot about community and understanding how communities function online.  I hope, though, that a deep love for people permiates my posts.  Sometimes I worry that I communicate too much from my head and not enough from my heart.
There are three [...]

Video: Who is the Guy Behind Reaching the Online Generation?

Paul talks a little about his background in the 100th post on Reaching the Online Generation.
Update:  Since I was telling this story from memory, I got some of the facts wrong.  Sometimes that happens when remembering things from childhood and remembering things from reports from overseas partners.  When it does, I will make corrections to [...]

Video: Talking About Tolerance and Getting Offended

Paul talks about two key parts of ministry online - tolerance and knowing what to do when you get offended.
Update:  When I recorded this I thought I was going to put it on YouTube.  It was a little over seven minutes too long for YouTube, so I decided to use Viddler instead.

Developing a Three Dimensional Understanding of Online and Offline Community

Imagine a cube.  Imagine that there was a dot on each side of the cube.  Now, draw a line through the cube connecting each dot with the dot directly opposite.  You should end up with three lines which intersect within the cube.  Whether you realized it or not, you just demonstrated one idea of how [...]

Understanding Domains of Society and How They Affect Online Church Planting

A couple of years ago I had a great opportunity to be part of Northwood Church’s Church Planter Internship Program.  That engagement allowed me to come on staff briefly to work with Bobby Vaughn, Northwood’s Director of Church Planting, on some church planting curricula.  I don’t think they’re using the curriculum anymore, but I learned [...]

Reaching Communities of Women in the Adult Industry with the Gospel

Yesterday afternoon I glanced over to Twhirl on my laptop.  One of my filters pulled a tweet that caught my attention.  It said something to the effect of, “I dream about hurting my mother almost every night.”  It sounded serious, so I decided to follow the tweet back to its source. 
As it turns out, this [...]

Using Twitter to Develop an Online Listening (and Action) Plan for Your Ministry

Matt Dickman, in his post ‘You Suck at Listening!‘  talks about the need for organizations to develop an online listening plan.  He also talks about the need for companies not to just listen, but come up with processes to act on what they hear.  He’s right.
While Matt focuses his attention on marketing and social media, [...]

Answering @Human3rror – Identifying and Understanding Online Communities

John (a.k.a. @Human3rror) left a great question in response to my last post.  I thought I’d post my answer, because it is a little more detailed than a reply.  First, here is John’s comment:
John (Human3rror)
February 5th, 2009 @ 9:26 am edit
not sure i agree with you here dude. i think the platform conversation needs to be [...]

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