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Five ‘Ah-Ha’ Moments When it Comes to Online Community

Reaching lost communities online is my call and my passion, so I talk about reaching the Online Generation whenever I get a chance.  I’ve noticed five ‘ah-ha’ moments for people from all walks of life as I talk about what I do and the huge need for Christians to engage people online in spiritual discussions.
Communities [...]

The Power of Process in a Small Group Strategy

I want to be burdened by fruit, not fat.  So when a friend commented that our approach to small groups seemed a little heavy on process, he got my attention.  So I spent the last few weeks thinking about process and small groups.  Here are some of my thoughts. 
Process is Unavoidable 
You can introduce process into [...]

What is in My Google Reader?

People bug me for the contents of my Google Reader all the time.  I’ve never made a list, because it changes all the time.  But, the beginning of the year I went through and cleared out my Google Reader.  I had two criteria for blogs I kept, or added, to my reader this year:

I didn’t [...]

Thinking Strategically and Thinking Tactically About Reaching the Lost

I didn’t understand the difference between thinking strategically and thinking tactically until I talked with David Watson.  Now, I know how to understand the big picture and still see what I need to do each day.  That may sound funny, but many people get caught up in the big picture and never attend to the [...]

Discovering What The Bible Says About Online Church, or Just Church Period!

As part of this post, I issued a challenge for a Bible study to answer the question, “Is online church really church?”  A couple of people said they’d like to join me in a study to read through the Bible this year and identify four things:

What are the Metaphors for Church (Word-pictures like ‘Body of [...]

Is The Online Church Really ‘Church?’

I, for one, am so tired of this question.  Usually, it comes from people who don’t really want to answer the question.  Usually, it comes from people who want to defend the expression of church they are most comfortable with.
Usually, but not always.  But more often than not.
When ‘online church folk’ respond, they are always [...]

The Long Tail of Leadership

(This post represents an emerging idea, at least for me.  I decided to go ahead and throw it out there to get some feedback.  I look forward to the conversations. I don’t want to imply in any way that I’ve talked with Chris, Kevin, or Seth.  I’ve just read their stuff and it has me [...]

Recent Internet Statistics

1,463,632,361 total estimated internet users as of Q2 2008.  That is approximately 21.9 % of the total population of the world in Q2 2008. (
Internet Users in the World by Geographic Regions
(Updated Q2 2008 – visit for a cool chart of this info.)

Asia with 578.5 million users.
Europe with 384.6 million users.
North America with 248.2 [...]

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