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Developing an Online Church Planting Strategy - Part 2

Once we go through a passage and make obedience statements, we have to figure out what they mean within the context of the community we want to reach.  Since we are talking about online church planting, we are going to have to figure out how to obey the passage within an online context.  We did [...]

Developing an Online Church Planting Strategy - Part 1

Strategy should be the result of obedience to Scripture. So, we have to start with passages of Scripture that describe the activity we are going to do. Luke 10 is perhaps one of the most overlooked passages in the Bible when it comes to taking the Gospel into new communities. Yet it almost reads [...]

Who Are You Talking With?

Stop and take a mental inventory of all the people you talk with online.
How many follow Christ?
How many do not?
If we want to reach the lost, we have to talk with them. We have to talk about things they care about. We have to listen to what is going on in their lives. [...]

Scripture-only Rather Than Biblically-based Studies

An online friend, @joshchapman (twitter), asked me to talk about the differences between Scripture-only and Biblically-based Bible studies.  The answer is pretty simple, but a little more than a 140 character conversation can handle!  So I decided to blog my response.  Thanks, @joshchapman, for asking such a great question!
Right now, I know there are about [...]

Avoiding the Old Guard Mentality

As I talk to people about online church, I get different reactions.  The reaction that hits me the hardest is from people many consider to be church radicals.  I’m dismayed when these one-time radicals now condemn new approaches and ideas about the style or form of church. (Note that I didn’t say nature and function. [...]

Friday Prayer: Let Me Pray for You.

Do you have need prayer?  I want to pray for you today.  Do you have a ministry?  Let me pray for that. 
Email pauldwatson at pobox dot com.  You can also get in touch with me via all my social networks as well.
Praying for you would be a priviledge.

One Quick Way to Connect With The Online Generation

The number of Christians who go throughout their days without any meaningful contact with lost people always amazes me.  People get into their spheres of influence and patterns of life and forget the rest of the world.  
Now, with the internet, connect with lost people is easier than ever.  Here is one quick guide to [...]

Stop Asking People to Pray for You…

…and start praying for people!
Here is a simple guide to having a prayer ministry rather than begging for prayer all the time;

Print out a calendar. (I’ve attached a sample to this post.)
Write one name on each day of the calendar.
Every morning, look at the calendar and contact the person for that day.  You can use [...]

We Cannot Exchange Meaning For Number

Please, please, please do not use the number of friends you have on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, or other social media tools to measure the impact you and your ministry have among the Online Generation.  I suggest that the number of conversations you have is the minimum unit of impact measurement, followed closely by the number [...]

Talking with the Online Generation

Online, the medium creates a cultural expectation of interaction.  If we insist on using a broadcasting or narrowcasting strategy within a conversational medium, we will have very limited success.
Offline churches use a broadcasting strategy in their Sunday morning services.  A few, very innovative churches, cloned this approach online.  In Second Life, they bought land, built [...]

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