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Online Ministry is About Jesus and People

I gave an improptu talk at the Internet Evangelism Conference in Grand Rapids.  The conversation was ‘Evangelism and Social Media.’  I enjoyed myself and I hope others got something useful out of the experience.
I think the hardest thing to remember at an internet ministry conference is that everything we do - all the technology and [...]

The Lightning Rod Principle

Editor’s Note:  I’m sorry for the irregularity of posting.  I’ve been traveling like crazy the last couple of months.  Writing is difficult when you are hardly in the hotel room and, when you are, you just want to get some sleep!  The end is in sight, though, and I hope to resume regular posting pretty [...]

How Groups Function Online

Many people mistakenly see ‘Facebook’ or ‘MySpace’ or other social media services as groups or communities in an of themselves.  I hear things like, “The Facebook community…” or “The MySpace community…”  Truth is, Facebook and other social media services are more like online megacities - many diverse communities gathered into an online space.  But, unlike [...]

The Wrong Question

People ask all the time, “Can people really experience community online?” or “Is that REAL community?”
I’ve supplied different arguements for online communities, but I had a recent realization - it really doesn’t matter whether people experience REAL community online or not.  That determination isn’t important.  
What is important is that there are lost people interacting [...]

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    Who is God?' was one of the top three sentences googled in 2007, according to Google Zeitgeist. According to Alexa, the top two religious websites are Muslim, with BibleGateway coming in at a close third. The Online Generation is spiritual. They are seeking. And the church is the last place they would go to find spiritual fulfillment. This site is dedicated to those walking with The Online Generation and living lives of obedience to all the commands of Jesus Christ.
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