Is the Internet a Waste of Time?

Posted on September 2, 2008
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Great question, but the better question is, “Is the internet a waste of MY time?”  A blanket judgment of all internet users seems rather foolish, especially when one person’s Call may require extensive use of the internet and another person’s Call may not.

Nevertheless, evaluating your time is an important part of accountability.  I ask myself this question once a week, as part of my ‘reality-check’ process.  All of us should ask, “Is (insert activity) a waste of my time?” about everything we do, everyday.  Time is finite, and we have to spend it doing what God calls us to do.

Simply put, my call is to catalyze spiritual communities among the Online Generation that seek to obey all the commands of Christ and teach others to do the same.  Consequently, I evaluate my time on the internet through this lens.

Obviously my call requires me to use the internet quite a bit.  Your call may place different limitations on the time you need to spend interacting with people online.

What questions do you use to evaluate the time you spend answering email, using social media tools, and surfing the web?  Is the internet a waste of your time?

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