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Friday Prayer: Give Me Your Eyes

Let this new music video from Brandon Heath guide your prayers for the Online Generation this Friday.

Now worship God for how He is going to answer your prayer today.

Thanks to Randy Elrod for bringing the video from Brandon Heath to my attention.
Thanks to my friend, Brenda, for bringing the Chris Tomlin video to my attention.

Church Planting is Not About You

Church Planting is not about you.  So, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable worshipping one way or another, if a particular location or communication style wouldn’t ‘work’ for you, it really doesn’t matter.
Church Planting is about reaching the lost.  Consequently, if reaching the lost means planting a church that meets in a pub after-hours, then meet [...]

Hitting the Church Planting Sweet Spot

People want to make church planting too simple or too complex.  We train church planters too little, or we train them too much.  We don’t give enough knowledge to obey, or we give so much knowledge that it strangles obedience.  There is a sweet spot, though, a green zone of multiplication.  A balance that is [...]

Some Observations from My Hike in Second Life

My hike through parts of Second Life this weekend was pretty amazing.  Here are some of my observations:

Second Life is a place that gives life to the deepest parts of your heart.  If you have evil thoughts and desires, they find life in SL.  If you dream of beauty, you can give that dream life.
There [...]

Friday Prayer: Second Life

I’ve just set up a Second Life account.  (Here is a link to more information about Second Life.) The online world is pretty huge and intimidating.  I’m hoping to find some persons of peace who are open having Discovery Bible Studies with their communities.
If you are in Second Life, or know people in Second Life, [...]

The Power of a Tweet

A friend of mine tweeted:
[My daughter] is in the recovery room… Trying to wake her up, but she’s SO SLEEPY!
Obviously I was alarmed.  I picked up my phone to text him back and figure out what was going on.  In the middle of my text, my phone vibrated.  Another tweet from my friend.  This [...]

Measure Causes, Not Results

David Watson, a veteran church planter and part of the Reaching the Online Generation team, writes:
I just received a graduation announcement from a friend’s daughter who is valedictorian of her class. This tells me the results of her education, but not how she got the results. Making the highest marks in school does [...]

Slideshow Introduction to Social Media and its Global Impact

As a Community Catalyst, I do a lot of things intuitively.  I believe the Holy Spirit is this intuition or at least guides it.  I’m always really excited when research supports something I know in my gut and have witness in my experiences with the Online Generation.  In this case, research demonstrates the growing global [...]

Common Objections to Online Spiritual Community

Carlos Whittaker of Ragamuffin Soul posted this on his blog today:
Barna states by the year 2010 over FIFTY MILLION AMERICANS will get rely on the internet for their religious experience.
What does that mean for us?
Carlos is a great blogger, and I’m glad he brought this up for discussion.  His readers had some good thoughts and [...]

Friday Prayer: Persons of Peace, Access Minstries, and Transitions

My call to reach the Online Generation has unearthed more questions that I have answers.  They fall into three categories:
Person of Peace
Here is a link to read more on the Person of Peace.
What does an online Person of Peace look like? Do we leave a social network or community when we can’t find a Person [...]

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