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Some Observations from My Hike in Second Life

Posted on | August 26, 2008 |

My hike through parts of Second Life this weekend was pretty amazing.  Here are some of my observations:

  • Second Life is a place that gives life to the deepest parts of your heart.  If you have evil thoughts and desires, they find life in SL.  If you dream of beauty, you can give that dream life.
  • There is an economy in SL.  People buy, sell, and rent property.
  • There is an exchange rate between SL and the US Dollar.  There are some people in SL who make a real life living off of selling products and services.
  • Over 1.2 million people logged into SL in the last 6 weeks.  Anytime I logged in this weekend, there were 50,000 - 60,000 logged in with me.
  • I visited two SL churches.  They own SL property and built some pretty cool facilities.  I’m excited that churches are even trying!  I attended the services at the ALM Cyber Church.  They were much like the services I find offline.  I wonder, though, if mimicking offline services is the way to go?  Will transferring offline church culture to SL be enough to reach the plethora of cultures within SL?  I don’t know, but it is something I’m exploring.
  • Second Life is too big for me to catalyze spiritual communities by myself.  The learning curve is so steep that training Catalyst to work in Second Life is going to be difficult.  The best thing to do is find Christians in SL who want to reach SL and work with them to catalyze spiritual communities.
  • Is there evidence of SL behavior that had offline results?  I don’t know.  True online spiritual community will have offline results.  Online obedience to God’s Word should result in offline obedience.
  • There is a major porn culture in SL.  We have to disciple our children and our community organizers to be accountable and how to stay safe.
  • Community Catalysts must be contributing participants in a SL community if they want to make a difference.  They must participate in the story and contribute to the emotional and monetary economies.

That’s the short list.  I will have more as I explore this world.  If you are in SL, or if you know anyone in SL, I would love to talk with you.  SL is a reality.  Christians have to carry the Gospel into it.  And SL is too big to do it alone.

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One Response to “Some Observations from My Hike in Second Life”

  1. Kim and Eric
    October 1st, 2008 @ 4:56 pm

    We are praying for you all. This is no small undertaking. Eric has played online games such as Everquest and WOW for years. It is a whole untouched subculture. We will pray, pray, pray!

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