Reaching The Online Generation

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Some Statistics About the Online Generation

About 21.8% of the world uses the internet.

Internet World Stats lists World Internet Users by World Regions.
61.71% of households in the USA have internet access in the home. 50.79% have broadband access in the home.
Here a link to the 2007 USA Internet Access and Usage Statistics (pdf) from the National Telecommunications and Information [...]

The Unwritten Rules of Talking About Your Faith Online

I’m starting to get an idea of how and where I can talk about Jesus online. I nudge the boundaries and note when and how people respond. Sometimes they accept what I’m talking about. Sometimes they push back. Here are just a few random observations.
Twitter and Plurk are great places to [...]

Not Another Penny

David Watson asks,
“If you never got another penny, what would you do to obey God’s call?”
He always follows the first question with another,
“Why aren’t you doing it now?”
Let me refocus the question: If you want to reach the Online Generation, what can you do - right now - with no money and just a limited [...]

List of 9 Must-have Tools for Reaching the Online Generation

I decided to list 9 tools I use to connect with the Online Generation and coordinate things with my team. I recommend that you get familiar with these tools. Make them a part of your life. In ten years, I believe these tools (or their equivalent) will be ubiquitous. You should [...]

Prayer Friday: Listening to Stories

I’ve posted a video from Jonathan Harris before. He has a remarkable talent he uses to help us connect with people and worlds we may never see. He draws us into humanity and designs tools to help us understand that life is about real people.
Here is another TED talk from Jonathan Harris. [...]

Loving the Online Generation

Christians, in general, don’t love lost people.  If we did, we would act differently.  And we would pray differently.
Christians don’t love lost people because they don’t take the time to know them.  As if lostness is a highly contagious disease or something.  I sin, as much as I try not to, but I can’t get [...]

Growing the Church and Growing the Kingdom Are Not The Same

David Watson taught me an important question all Christians should ask:
“Are you interested in growing your church, or in growing the Kingdom?”
He explained
“If you seek to grow your church, you won’t necessarily engage in activities that grow the Kingdom. If you focus on growing the Kingdom, however, your church will grow. I’ve seen [...]

Eight Signs of Online Community

When I hike around the internet, I’m looking for one thing - community. Gospel planting is most effective when you work with existing communities. The alternative - extracting people from one community and cobbling another - creates loads of problems that consume chunks of time. Many problems in the church come from [...]

4 Approaches to Reaching the Online Generation

When you wander the web, you notice the faint gossamer threads of trends. Following these threads leads to some interesting observations and discoveries.  So far I’ve identified four different approaches for Reaching the Online Generation. Followers of Christ are waking up to the online reality and are trying to figure out what it means [...]

Friday Prayer: PostSecret

Friday Prayer posts have three purposes:

Expose you to online lostness.
Help you understand that we are talking about real people.
Lead you to pray.

Today’s we’re going to look at PostSecret.  In their own words:
PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.
Some of these secrets are funny.  [...]

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