Traffic Can Kill

by Paul on July 7, 2008

Last week Robert Scoble and Seth Godin, pretty big names in the blogosphere, had a brief exchange that got me thinking. (You can read Scoble’s post here and Seth’s post here.) In short, both agreed that the number of exposures (hits, traffic) is not as important as who you reach.

This idea is part of Gospel Movement practices and methodologies. One of the counter-intuitives of Gospel Movements (via David Watson) is “Focus on the few (or one) to win many.” Another counter-intuitive is, “No mass evangelism so that the masses will hear.”

I’m going to make a couple of statements that you may not like: Tracts and crusades, while exposing large numbers to the Gospel, have not had the transformational Kingdom impact Christians desired. In fact, these evangelistic tools may have facilitated the growth of a shallow, disobedient Christian culture that so many reject outright. Organizations that measured tract distribution or seats filled at a crusade focused on the number of exposures rather than exposing the right people to the Gospel.

We cannot repeat this mistake online. Creating a website to get ‘hits’ or ‘traffic’ is easy. All you have to do is entertain or have the right ‘key words.’ But are you getting the right traffic? Are you getting to people who search for God? When you find them, are you engaging them in a way that helps them become obedient followers of Christ who teach others to do the same?

What do we do instead of mass evangelism? We find the people God prepares to receive His Gospel. Offline and online, this means engaging the world in ways that identify Persons of Peace. What do we look for? Here are some characteristics of a Person of Peace:

  • Someone who does not have any relationship with Christ.
  • Someone who is spiritually seeking.
  • Someone who will bring their community into the conversation and engage in a Creation-to-Christ discovery process.

Finding the Person of Peace is not untested theory. It is part of a strategy that resulted in over 40,000 new churches in North India, 4000 new churches in Africa, and 50 new groups in the Bay Area of California. You can read more about Persons of Peace here and here.

I’m looking for people who want to find Persons of Peace online. If you are interested, email me through the contact page on this website.

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