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The Importance of Drivel

“Everything I read on Twitter is drivel!” exclaimed a friend of mine. “People talking about this and that, but no real meat, no authenticity, no transparency.” He went on, “I want places where people want to have genuine, authentic, meaningful conversations. Twitter is just drivel.”
I thought about that awhile. There was [...]

Friday Prayer: Twittervision

I’ve talked a lot about Twitter. It isn’t a perfect service and the company is struggling to grow into the huge demand. People want to talk. They want to meet new friends. Twitter helps with that.
Today I’d like you to get a sense of this global conversation. Twitterverse is a [...]

Don’t Get Offended

Other than the fact that He was God, I don’t know how Jesus did it.  That is, I don’t know how He tolerated being in the same room with people who were unholy by nature.  I don’t know how He could eat with them, talk with them, and worship with them.
You see, if we really [...]

Hospitality and Generosity

Peter Block, in his book ‘Community: The Structure of Belonging’ says:
“Community offers the promise of belonging and calls for us to acknowledge our interdependence.  To belong is to act as an investor, owner, and creator of this place.  To be welcome, even if we are strangers.  As if we came to the right place and [...]

Building Community with Your Blog

Problogger Darren Rowse knows a thing or two about blogging and building community. If you want to learn a lot about blogging, you should subscribe to his blog.
Darren recently wrote this guest post on another blog. You should check it out.

What Does ‘Reaching’ Mean to Me?

I love the people I meet online. That may sound crazy, I know, but I really care about them. I celebrate when they have a good day and I worry when things go badly. I pray for the people in my online community and I let them know I do it. [...]

Prayer Friday: Joy in Heaven

Head over to and pray for people coming to Christ online.

Tweeting for Prayer

Twitter is a powerful tool for spontaneous communication. Finding specific topics in this massive global conversation is almost impossible.
Summize,, changes everything. This Twitter search engine allows me to search for tweets that use a particular word or phrase.
Quick exercise (You need to have a Twitter account):

Open Summize.
Type ‘pray’ (without quotes) in the [...]

Discipleship via ooVoo and Google Docs

I talked to a guy catalyzing communities in universities in California.  He uses a service called Oovoo to videoconference with some guys he is discipling through the internet. “So how does this work?” I asked.“Well, Oovoo allows up to six people to videoconference through the internet.  All they need is a computer, a webcam, and a [...]

Twittering for the Sick

Twitter ( is an internet based service that allows users 140 characters to answer a question - “What are you doing?” Users can ‘tweet’ using the internet, an instant messenger service, or SMS. People (twitter-ers) can follow your tweets and receive notification in several different ways when you update. Twitter-ers who use [...]

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