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Twittering for the Sick

Posted on | June 17, 2008 | No Comments

Twitter ( is an internet based service that allows users 140 characters to answer a question – “What are you doing?” Users can ‘tweet’ using the internet, an instant messenger service, or SMS. People (twitter-ers) can follow your tweets and receive notification in several different ways when you update. Twitter-ers who use an instant messenger service can set alerts for specific words. When anyone in the ‘twitterverse’ posts an update with that word, twitter-ers tracking that word can read a copy of their tweet.

Sounds silly? Yes, but there are over one million twitter-ers world-wide who love the service and tweet everyday. Moreover, their tweets are spontaneous, creating opportunities for just-in-time discipleship and ministry.

When I started using twitter, I set my alerts to notify me when anyone used the word ‘pray’ or ‘prayer.’ I wanted to see if people – Christian or not – asked for prayer when they faced crisis. I planned on praying for them and respond with something like this: “@yourusername – God brought your tweet to my attention. He loves you. I am praying for you. You are not alone.”

The need blew me away! So many people in the twitterverse asking for prayer! When I prayed, they responded positively to my tweets or didn’t respond at all. I followed most of those I prayed for so that I could see what God did in their lives and give Him glory when He answered my prayers.

I will never forget the time I prayed for a woman whose pregnant daughter was going blind:

“Must stave off breakdown. It’s too much knowing my daughter’s going blind. I pray she sees her baby girl before that happens; if it must. March 30, 2008″

@[her name] – God brought your tweet to my attention. He loves you. Praying for you and your daughter.

“Night y’all. Thanks for your care & prayers for my daughter [daughter's name]. I pray her blindness/migraines stop & she’ll see her baby being born. March 30, 2008 “

“[Baby's name] was born @ 9:58 PM on 04/22/08. She’s a beautiful, healthy girl & [daughter's name] doing well. Thanks y’all for your best wishes. April 23, 2008″

@[her name] – Congratulations! Praise the Lord for answering our prayers! Glad she could see her baby!”

“I’m so tired. You’d think I had the baby. I truly thank everyone for your prayers, good wishes & support for [daughter's name] during her difficulty April 23, 2008″

“My daughter’s eyesight is returning to normal since the birth of [her baby] on Earth Day (04/22/08). I appreciate all the prayers & love. Thanks May 05, 2008 “

The girl’s mother became one of my followers on Twitter. I hope to continue ministering to her and her family.

My twitter flock is very diverse. Most are precious missing ones that haven’t found their way to the Father yet. I pray regularly for a witch in Canada who has Crohn’s disease, two gay guys, a college kid in Atlanta, an EMT in Austin, a blogger in Africa, a couple of worship leaders, and many more. I follow 74 twitter-ers and have about 70 followers.

Christians shouldn’t just have web pages; they should inhabit and redeem the internet. I’m working in it – one tweet at a time.

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